To Heather, sound is a language we all know but rarely tap into. It provides ways of communicating with others and our environment without the mutter of a word or a flash of an image as cue. It can allow us to tap into worlds and formulate stories through the use of rhythm, texture and layering of audible time, place, space and movement.

Heather’s sound design practice originates from foley performance and found sound creation experience in radio drama and television programming. To Heather, foley is not only about sound effects but physicality - the flash of one character to another through one’s movements and how each enactment can embellish a piece to display emotion and intent.

Field recording is equally a passion, where she will look to record sounds on location or tap into her field recording contacts across the world to gain the appropriate sounds if possible. Deep listening practice and tapping in to her surroundings allows her to create a palate of sounds to distinguish time and place.

With the recent interests in interactive technologies, a better understanding of the place in which audio can play a key aspect of immersion is key. Not only does Heather possess the knowledge and experience in creative audio, She also displays these skills equally in engineering. Holding an MSc in Electronic and Electrical engineering and research experience in acoustics and signal processing, she is able to advise and tailor her practice towards projects of this calibre and continues to advance on her expertise throughout her career.

Heather is a deep believer in collaboration, and with a wealth of experience across different media and art forms she will always take steps from pre production to post with the purpose of producing soundscapes that equally match a fellow artist’s vision. She is also an advocate of supporting works that explore themes and stories that are rarely explored and providing support to community organisations through training and mentorship. Evocative storytelling and enabling all to tell their stories builds better communication, education and empathy in society and a deeper connection to our world.